Perth Zoo have announced the pitter-patter of some very long legs.

On Monday, giraffe Kitoto gave birth to clearly the cutest male calf we’ve ever seen, just after 3pm.

Kitoto’s bub was standing up, albeit a bit wobbly, just 20 minutes after being born.. He’s currently standing at about 160cm tall.

Perth Zoo said that mum and bub were doing well, bonding behind the scenes in the giraffe nursery and have asked for patience during these early days.

“They may not be as visible as normal, because like any family, the arrival of a newborn is a big deal and they’ll need some quiet time.”

This is the second calf born to Kitoto and Armani as part of a national breeding program to fight extinction. Giraffe numbers in the wild have plummeted to fewer than 80,000.

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