A first-time mother who returned to her work as a nurse early to assist during COVID-19 has disputed an “unfair and confusing” $207 fine she received after working a shift.

Elsie Ruijgrok was on her way back from a Melbourne hospital when she was caught driving 49km/h outside a school in September. She said to The Leader she was “shocked and frustrated” the school speed zones were still in place despite the stage 4 restrictions.

“The sign says 40km/h an hour on school days, not ‘week days’,” Ruijgrok said.

“It doesn’t apply when kids aren’t there during school holidays and I assumed it wasn’t in operation while schools were closed during COVID.

“Nothing is normal at the moment, so why are school zones normal? I wouldn’t even have been driving if I hadn’t gone back to work.”

Ms Ruijgrok was unable to fight the fine with a Victoria Police spokeswoman saying school zone speed limits have remained in operation as schools have not officially closed.


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