A new voucher scheme aimed at luring people back into the CBD hospitality venues will offer diners as much as $100 off their meals.

The scheme, announced on Sunday as part of the upcoming Victorian state budget will see around $8.4 million of state and council funding put aside to lure diners back into venues.

Restaurant-goers will be able to claim rebates on their bill of up to 20 per cent, giving them discounts of between $10 and $100 off their total.

The restaurant vouchers follow on from the successful tourism voucher scheme which were snapped up within less than an hour upon each release.

The so-called CBD Dining Experiences Scheme will get underway within the coming weeks, although it is unclear at this stage how Melburnians will be able to access the vouchers.

Along with the hospitality vouchers, a further $200 million of state and council funding will be set aside to revitalise the city and try to lure people back into the languishing CBD.

Acting Premier James Merlino says that the scheme is all making sure that the city has support.


“Life is returning to the CBD and we’re making sure the recovery continues with support for all of the things that Victorians and visitors love about Melbourne.”

“We’re backing the buzz of our cafes, restaurants and bars – and the people who make their living from them.”

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