Melbourne residents who try to sneak into Regional Victoria to enjoy their newfound step 3 freedom, could be fined almost $5000.

Regional Victoria’s pubs, cafes, salons and caravan parks are open to re-open tomorrow and there will be no more restrictions on reasons to leave home..

Victoria Police’s deputy commissioner of regional operations, Rick Nugent, said a new fine will come in for people trying to leave Melbourne without a permitted reason.

“We have been advised the fine for that offence will be $4,957,” he said.

“So that is quite a significant fine, and clearly aimed to deter people from the Melbourne metropolitan areas from attending these regional and rural areas.”

Deputy Commissioner Nugent said “We do not want regional and rural communities to be put at risk by Melbourne metropolitan people.’

“We don’t want the virus to spread again in these rural areas, we want to maintain the restrictions and continue to ease them.”


Victoria Police will be focusing on drivers who look like they are going away and will pull over any cars ‘towing a caravan, a camper trailer or other trailer, towing a boat or jetski or has surfboards or fishing rods or swags.’

Police will also increase checks on bus and train services.

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