A Melbourne family is breathing a sigh of relief today as the hunt for an 86-year-old grandfather ended with good news.

Joseph Telemzouguer was reported missing on Wednesday morning after he failed to return to his wife on Balaclava Road.

The pair were out shopping when Joseph excused himself for a toilet break, when he was still gone 15 minutes later, the alarm was raised with police.

The initial search for the man proved fruitless, with police and the family turning to the public for help in locating Mr Telemzouguer.

The family’s concerns were heightened by his age, the fact that he suffers from dementia and a number of physical conditions requiring medication.

Mr Telemzouguer’s granddaughter Melanie told the public that the disappearance was very unusual for him.

“We are very concerned, he’s cold, he may be hungry, thirsty and he’s alone. This is very out of character for him, he never goes anywhere without my grandmother. We just want him home safely and we would love all your help to please find him.”


Thankfully, the story had a happy ending with the 86-year-old eventually spotted at a cafe on Lygon Street in Carlton.

Granddaughter Melanie took to Facebook to confirm the good news, labelling it an “absolute miracle” and confirming that he is “happy and healthy and seems okay!”

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