Police have warned Melburnians who plan on protesting in the CBD this weekend that it could be a ‘real tipping point’ in community transmission of Coronavirus.

More than 31,000 people have expressed their interesting in attending the Melbourne based ‘Stop Black Deaths in Custody, Justice for George Floyd’ protest that is scheduled to start at midday.

Victoria Police is worried that the number of protestors will make it the largest mass gathering since restrictions came into place in March and could see virus cases peak.

Assistant Commissioner Luke Cornelius said “It would be a tragedy if people of good faith and intent, coming together to protest, do so in a way which causes our elderly and most vulnerable to be exposed to the coronavirus.

“The risk of participation in a mass gathering generates a risk of community-based transmission of the virus.

“Saturday presents a real potential tipping point.”

Protestors are being urged to socially distance during the protest but there is no guidance on how to do that in large crowds.


Police will ‘exercise their discretion’ on the day in regards to fines for breaching the Chief Health Officers directives.

Hundreds of uniformed police will be supported by the Public Order Response Team, the Highway Patrol and the Mounted Branch.

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