Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has not ruled out that Melbourne could see its restrictions eased quicker the first thought.

On Sunday, Victoria revealed its lowest number of cases in three months, with 14 new Coronavirus cases confirmed. It was the tenth day in a row that the number of cases has been below 50.

During his daily press conference, Daniel Andrews said that he would make ‘significant announcements’ about the road on September 27, just as Melbourne is due to move to step two of the road-map.

However, he has urged all Victorians to stay the course and continue to abide by the lockdown rules, saying ‘we need to get this health issue dealt with first,” he said.

“You can’t reopen the economy until you’ve got that COVID-normal, and you’ve got very good prospects … to lock that in for potentially a very, very long time.”

Andrews went on to say “This is a good day, though. A day where Victorians can be proud of the work that they’ve done, their commitment, their resolve to see this off; to defeat this virus in its second wave properly, comprehensively and sustainably. We can hope to keep numbers low, and that’s where the trend is going.”

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