Awesome news, Melbourne – Carrot Man has returned.

The mysterious, loveable Melbourne superhero had the special power of making people smile just by carrying around a giant paper-mache carrot.

After becoming a cult-icon back in 2012, sightings of Carrot Man around the CBD have become increasingly rare in recent years, but it looks he’s back in a big way.

He was recently spotted by the ‘Humans In Melbourne’ Facebook account and gave an interview that’ll warm your heart.

“You see, one day I went to an op shop and I bought a giant turnip. I was carrying it home and noticed how much it made people smile. That made me feel really good!

“…Then I made the giant carrot and carried it around town and I noticed a big difference. The diversity of people smiling and the number of people smiling was much greater. So I just kept carrying the carrot around because it was the most successful thing at making people smile.

“I’m on a disability pension, you see, and this is my way of giving back. I’m a part of the community, putting smiles on people’s faces.


“Like today for instance, I was at home watching a DVD, and I just thought, ‘Nah, I’m going to go out and make hundreds of people smile instead with the carrot.”

Never change Carrot Man, you’re the hero we need.

(Image: Chris Cincotta, from Humans In Melbourne)