Melbourne is set to see temperatures plummet as rain and winds take over the city for the next SIX DAYS!

Starting from this evening, Melbourne will see an almost 100% chance of rain every day until Sunday, with Wednesday and Thursday likely to be the heaviest rainfall days of the week.

Tomorrow, Wednesday will see temperatures drop slightly to 16 degrees, with showers in the early morning and late afternoon before returning again on Thursday for a top of 13, with showers in the morning and afternoon.

On both days, an average of 8mm of rain is expected.

Friday will have a slightly lower chance of rain at 80% (still high) but it will be just 1-3m that will drop.

For the weekend, we will see constant temperatures at around 15 degrees but rain will be likely on Saturday morning before Sunday has a 60% of light rain.

Roll on Monday, when the rain will be a distant memory, with a partly cloudy day and a top of 15.

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