An Indian restaurant which is believed to have supplied the butter chicken that landed a man a $1600 fine is now looking to soften the blow.

On Saturday, a man drove from Werribee to the CBD to order a ‘specific butter chicken’.

However, his quest to get it was in breach of Melbourne’s Stay At Home orders.

The man was slapped with a $1,652 penalty for his efforts.

After hearing of the request, Tonka Restaurant in the CBD launched a search for man, saying  “We need to find Mr Butter Chicken… anyone god a lead?

“We want to deliver him a few curries to soften the blow.”

Tonka revealed the man had called them on Saturday about a delievery to Werribee but the staff were unable to make the drive until Wednesday.


Times of India has managed to track down the man, who revealed “All restaurants in my area were closed and I was craving butter chicken.’’

“I grew up eating Indian food since my mother is from Ambala.”

Dhesi Daba, another popular Melbourne Indian restaurant, has offered him a year’s worth of free curries – delivered.

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