Melbourne commuters could face train pain, with workers threatening strikes over pay and conditions ranging from four hours to two days.

Staff would refuse to check tickets, open barriers and issue infringements as part of the proposed industrial action against Metro Trains, the Victorian Rail, Tram and Bus Union announced on Monday.

“Our members will be making efforts to minimise the impact on the travelling public,” union secretary Luba Grigotovitch said, noting the greatest pain is intended for Metro.

Union delegates plan to meet within the next week to discuss the next steps in the campaign but staff have already endorsed the plan for industrial action.

There is no planned date for the strikes.

Negotiations with the rail company have been going for five months with concerns about job security, rostering and over-time emerging as key issues.

The industrial action was “completely unnecessary” and an agreement could be reached without disrupting passengers, a Metro Trains spokesman said.


Further meetings between the union and Metro are scheduled for this week.


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