A Berwick clothing retailer who publicly opened up his store in breach of Melbourne’s restrictions on retail trading has been hit with a fine of almost $10,000.

Police say that they attended Harry’s Clothing in Berwick on Wednesday, finding that the business was operating in breach of directions before issuing the owner with a $9,913 fine.

Owner of clothing store Harry Hutchinson says that he is disappointed but is prepared to fight the fine.

“It’s sent the heart fluttering a little bit but I will be reopening and I will be sending the infringement notice straight back and I will not be paying,” Mr Hutchinson told the Herald Sun.

Mr Hutchinson had made a public stand against the restrictions, leading to a strong police presence outside his shop by Thursday morning.

“After 8am there was a police car permanently parked nearby the bollards outside the shop and there was an unmarked police with two officers inside,” Mr Hutchinson continued.

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