The list of potential COVID-19 exposure sites across Victoria has ballooned out to 271 locations including Melbourne’s biggest shopping centre and a number of public transport routes.

A positive case visited a number of stores and a restaurant within Chadstone Shopping Centre on Wednesday 26 May, leading authorities to list the entire shopping centre as a Tier 2 public exposure site.

Meanwhile, five bus routes have also been listed as Tier 1 exposure sites, with anybody who caught bus routes 406 or 412 on 26 or 27 May urged to check the Department of Health’s list of COVID exposure sites.

On Sunday, 100 new locations were added to the growing list of exposure sites, with health authorities confirming five new cases from over 45,000 tests.

The state government is now in a wait-and-see on test results from an aged care facility with fears that the virus has once again made its way into the state’s nursing homes.

An aged care worker in a Maidstone facility reportedly worked for two days while infected with the virus. It is the first so-called “mystery” case to stem from this cluster with contact tracers left scratching their heads on how she contracted the virus in the first place.

News that Chadstone Shopping Centre was added to the list of exposure sites will trigger memories of last October’s “Butcher Club” cluster, which saw dozens of cases spread across the state as far as Shepparton and led to prolonged restrictions toward the end of 2020.


You can see the full list of COVID exposure sites here.

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