A Melbourne Kmart and Coles are just two of the new public exposure sites that have been listed online after four new cases were reported overnight.

Barkly Square Shopping Centre, Coles Barkly Square and Gangemi (Fruit and Vegetable Store) have been listed as Tier 2 sites. A positive case has been said to have attended the venues between the hour of 4pm-5pm on May 27.

Anyone who has been to a Tier 2 site is required to urgently get a test and isolate until they receive a negative result.

Kmart Sanctuary Lakes, as well as the Punjabi by Nature Restaurant Point Cook in the Sanctuary Lakes Shopping Centre has been listed as well on Friday.

A positive case visited these sites on May 26 between 5:10pm-6:30pm and they been declared Tier 1 venues.

People who visited Tier 1 venues are required to immediately get tested and isolate for 14 days from exposure, regardless of whether they receive a negative result.

Other exposure sites that have been recently included to the list are multiple train services, World Shiner and an OPSM store in the CBD. You can find the full list here.