There were many characters that made Victoria’s long lockdown somewhat bearable, and one of those that popped up was Karen from Brighton. 

Jodi Grollo became an internet sensation when she complained on local news about the 5km radius and having to “walk the same streets” of the bayside.

Now, she has returned to social media to liven up our first day of lockdown with a song to the tune of Backstreet Boys classic ‘Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)’

“Oh my god, it’s back again,” she begins.

“Everybody’s locked inside again.”


“Covid’s back another variant now, 12 months and we still don’t know how.”

In true Karen fashion, Jodi took a opportunity to take a sassy swipe at Daniel Andrews and Martin Foley, suggesting they could be somewhat responsible for the lockdown.

“Can we blame Danny? Not likely.”

“How’s about Foley? Well probably.”

“All I know is that we need to lock our bloody doors again tonight. Crap.”

Jodi moved to Noosa after Victoria’s tough lockdowns, however she says she has returned to Victoria to “help” get the state through the circuit breaker period. Thank goodness.