Okay Victoria, we know what we’re doing here, we’re in lockdown and we’re all very over it at this point.

But just because we’ve been through this ordeal three times before, doesn’t mean that we remember every little thing about lockdown.

There are some pieces of information that we were happy to just push out of our memory in hope that we’d never need them again.

Like, for example, which parks and shops fall within the 5km radius from our home.

The website KMfromhome.com has done the hard work for you on this front, so that you know exactly which supermarket is within your 5kms and exactly how far you can jog before having to turn back.

You may have become acquainted with the website during the 2020 Melbourne lockdowns, but in case you’ve forgotten, it’s a super easy tool.

All you need to is go to the website, drag the pin on the map to represent your home and then enter 5km as the radius.


Et voila, now you know how far you’re actually allowed to travel from your house.

Of course, we won’t be leaving the house at all and are planning to get every single meal delivered for the next 7 days!