From Wednesday, July 22 at 11:59PM it will be mandatory for all Melburnians to wear a face-covering when they leave the house.


Failure to do so could lead to a fine of $200 being imposed per person.

Who has to wear them?

All Melburnians aged over 12 must wear masks when leaving the house. They should also be under consideration for children aged between 2 and 12 but are not recommended for toddlers.


You may be exempt from wearing a mask of medical or practical reasons. Premier Daniel Andrews said practical reasons include while at the bank or while running but not while walking. However, you must carry it on you at all times and put it back on when you have finished your run.



Children who are at school for onsite supervision must wear masks when going to and from school as well at school where possible. Teachers do not have to wear them while teaching but must wear them at all other times.


If you are heading to work as you cannot work from home, you must wear a mask, where there are multiple people onsite. The rule is in place regardless of social distancing measures.

Workplace Fines

Employers can be fined for employees not wearing masks, with $9913 being touted as the figure for breaking the rule.


Public transport

When heading out on public transport, you must also wear a mask but you will not need to wear them while driving on your own or with someone you live with.

End date

At present, there is no end date as to when we can stop wearing masks.

Outside of Metro Melbourne & Mitchell Shire

If you live outside the metro Melbourne area, you do not need to wear a mask but it is advised.


The rule comes into place on Wednesday, 22 July at 11:59PM.

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