Daniel Andrews has said that Victoria WILL get a Grand Final Public Holiday on the day before the Grand Final this year.

It is regardless of when the Grand Final is and is to help Victorians have a day off after all their hard work this year.

Andrews said that business leaders can criticise him but he thinks its well deserved.

“Well it still is the Friday before the grand final, so I would say yes,” Andrews said.

“I reckon Victorians may well have earned that.

“And if there is a bunch of people who want to criticise me for that, do it, fine.

“If that (criticising me) makes them feel better, fine. This has been a really, very, very difficult year.


“What October looks like, none of us can say. But I am pretty certain that if we don’t see this (coronavirus response) through, then it will be worse in October, not better.”

“No matter where the grand final is played we will have the public holiday, and if some in the business community want to have a crack at me today, if that makes them feel better then fine.”

“But it is about working to live, not living to work. I think I have made that point a few times, it is a special day and we should try as best we can in this year of challenges to make it the most special day possible.”

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