Victoria’s chief health officer has said that he would want the daily Coronavirus case numbers to be below 50 by the end of stage 4 but he doesn’t think they will be.

On Friday, Victoria recorded a further 170 infections of COVID-19, which is the lowest case number since July 13.

“I think we’re about where I expected us to be. Neither better nor worse,” Sutton said at Friday’s press conference.

“I think it’s great that we’re there, but in terms of September 13th it is a long way away.”

“I’d love us to be below 50,” he said.

“I would be really gratified if it were in single figures – but I am not convinced that it will be.

“I think it’s possible, but I think there are really significant challenges to get there.


“If we were in single figures I’d be very relaxed.”

Sutton said the health department is now looking at a “smorgasbord” of features of where the state needs to be for restrictions to be relaxed on September 13.

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