We’re not sure what this says about the situation in Victoria at the moment, apart from just how desperate people can get to grab some HJ’s.

A man was spotted in Melbourne’s western suburbs making his way through a Hungry Jack’s drive-through…in a forklift.

We’re not sure what his motivation was, but for safety reasons we know that most fast food restaurants will not permit you to enter the drive-through if you enter on foot.

So perhaps this was his way of circumventing that rule without actually needing to drive a car.

In a video shared to TikTok, we see the man in a gas-powered forklift waiting patiently between other *actual* cars for his Whopper meal.

Warning: language

@jonodabestBloke took his forky to hungry jacks 😂 ##whoppercheeseplease ##fyp ##australia♬ National Anthem of STRAYA coachbombaymusic – io non so

According to the text overlaid on the TikTok “You only see this s**t in Australia” and quite frankly, we have to agree on that one.

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