A new “super quarantine” facility could be constructed at Avalon Airport to cater for elite athletes, returned travellers and international students.

The proposal would utilise unused land around the airport and could be used as a way of securing international sporting events like this year’s Formula 1 Grand Prix and next year’s Australian Open.

Australia’s mandatory quarantine requirements became a controversial focal point for international tennis stars when they were forced to spend two weeks in hotels in both Melbourne and Adelaide ahead of this year’s Australian Open.

Along with hosting athletes, the facility could also open the door to returning international students and increase the state’s capacity for quarantining returned travellers.

Under the plans, sports training facilities like tennis courts and cricket pitches could be constructed to help athletes train during their two-week quarantine period.

A new quarantine facility outside of the Melbourne CBD is set to be built, with a site at Mickleham the preferred location and still under consideration by the government.

However, construction on the site has stalled with the state government still trying to secure federal government funding for the facility.

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