Looking for love? Well, you’re in luck because the dating coach is in.

Meet Chris Manak, 37, from Melbourne, who has been a professional dating coach since 2008.

But wait, there’s a catch.

You have to fork out $3000 for it. No, we’re not kidding.

How does it work?


Well, he offers a variety of services, but his most successful one is called ‘infield coaching’ – where he accompanies men when they approach women to analyse their successes and failures. 

Yep, he’s the real-life version of Will Smith’s character in the romantic comedy Hitch. You know, the professional dating coach who charges a four-figure fee to teach men how to flirt.

It involves five weeks of coaching and his cheapest service is a book-based course that is $50 and his Skype sessions are $250.


“I teach men how they can go out and meet the women that they would like to meet. I encourage them to find freedom in dating – i.e. dating who they want to date, not just settling for whoever happens to like them,’ he told FEMAIL.

His work has resulted in men becoming ‘significantly more confident in themselves’ in general, not just in dating.

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“This is not just running around picking up women like some people might believe, it’s looking at yourself and figuring out how you can improve so that you’re living an all-round better life,” he said.

“I’ve also recently started working with people specifically to help them move on from breakups.”


Hmm … interesting.

But I guess, a little help in the love department wouldn’t hurt anyone. Well, except your pockets.

Would YOU give it a go?


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