A viral tweet has highlighted a hilarious detail on the KFC logo that most of us have missed.

Headspace Content Director, Freddie Campion has brought an old meme about KFC’s Colonel Sanders body back to life.

In a tweet he wrote, “My wife just confessed that for her entire childhood she thought Colonel Sanders’ bow tie was his whole body and now I can’t stop seeing a tiny stick body every time I look at him.”

He kindly shared some images of the famous pitchman…

The idea that the 11 herbs and spices master’s bow tie is actually a stick figure has made waves and raised questions on the internet before but Campion’s tweet has generated over 350,000 likes!


One Twitter user responded, “Thank you (and your wife) for this gift. It’s the little things these days!”

So, is this what people mean when they talk about ‘chicken legs’?

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