Coles and Woolworths will begin to stock spotty tomatoes and deformed apples as part of a push for Australian’s to support drought and fire-affected farmers.

There is a genuine fear that fruit and vegetable supplies may run out due to the extreme weather.

Coles chief executive Steven Cain said the company had now adjusted its product specifications and no longer requires picture-perfect produce.

“Our customers are very keen to support Australian farmers, so we’re hoping they join us in looking beyond a few surface imperfections – the beauty of Australian produce is certainly more than skin-deep,” Mr Cain said.

It means the supermarket will pay a higher price to farmers for smaller, marked or misshapen produce, taking the pressure off growers who have been affected by the dry conditions.

Woolworths has also made the same changes.

“In the last month alone we have accepted 70 active variations from around 100 suppliers. We will continue to look at ways we can work with our suppliers to support farmers impacted by extreme weather events,” they said.

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