A Woolworths shopper has been slammed by fellow customers for purchasing a trolley-load of Lion King Collector cases to allegedly ‘scalp online’.

The supermarket giant released the limited edition range featuring 24 Lion King characters on Wednesday, and many stores are out of stock already.

Adelaide woman Shelby Freshny took to Facebook to share the moment she witnessed a man with a trolley full of cases, as well as the restock box.

“One person just up and bought all of the Lion King Ooshies collector boxes and not one staff member thought to stop them,” she wrote on Facebook.

“Should this really be allowed? Most families buy these for their children’s happiness, and here we have someone buying them more than likely to scalp online.

“We were lucky to get ours before this selfish person nabbed them all. Literally all of them.”


The Lion King Collector’s Album to house the Ooshies cost $4 but are becoming hard to find.

Customers have already started to cash in on the collectables, with one person selling their rare collectable with an asking price of $45,000.

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