A woman’s ‘anti-vaxxer’ Halloween costume has divided the Internet.

‘Autumn Dayss’ posted a photo of her with a baby carrier and small skeleton strapped inside.

“Going to a costume party tonight as Karen and her non-vaccinated child,” the caption wrote.

The costume quickly went viral. Picture: Autumn Dayss/Facebook

The post has been shared over 125,000 times and has split opinion:

“Still laughing at this, best costume of the year. Thank you!” one person said.

“Omg I absolutely LOVE this costume idea,” another wrote.


One said: “Apparently some people don’t understand a freaking joke So many keyboard warriors. Do y’all wear capes while you are ferociously searching social media for something that offends you?”

But some people were furious at Autumn:

“This is disgusting and vile. Way to go putting your complete lack of class on display for the world. Your mama must be so proud,” one person said.

“So many children have DIED from vaccines, so this is why it hurts people. Comments like this are classless and disgusting. Mocking dead children in any scenario is appalling,” another said.