Experts have revealed why a good Christmas present could improve your entire relationship. No pressure, but everything hinges on the Christmas present you have lined up for the end of the year.

A study revealed that 46% of us return 1-3 gifts we receive at Christmas, but when done right, gift-giving can help build better relationships and provide your loved ones with lasting happiness.

Here’s a few tips to help improve your gifts this holiday season:

  • Don’t get too focused on the wow factor! People appreciate practical and useful gifts. Gifts people will continue to use will have them thinking of you more often than that big gift that only gets the reaction when the paper first tears.
  • Sentimental gifts are hard, but you can simplify that choice by trying to find something that reference a shared experience or story you have. It won’t make it easy but that at least gives you something to look for.
  • Experiences provide more lasting happiness than material possessions. It might feel like you need to give a physical gift as boxes are being handed around the room, those spa tickets in their email inbox will lead to something they’ll never forget (and if you really need to give them something physical you can always print it out and stick a ribbon on it).



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