It seems there’s a gardening war brewing between two major supermarkets with Aldi about to launch their own range of seedlings.

As part of their Special Buys on Wednesday, September 25, shoppers will be able to get hold of veggie seedlings.

In a recent post to Facebook, Aldi said the seedlings were available from “just $1.99 – that’s 15 seedlings for $30!” which totally throws a decent amount of shade at Woolworths’ Discovery Garden promotion, where customers can get 1 seedling kit for every $30 they spend.

While it sounds like Aldi are about to rival the HECK out of Woolies…

“I can buy my grandson 15 plants for $30 without having to spend $450 on food. Fanbloodytastic.”

“I’m so excited at the thought of a plant war between supermarkets!”


“Omg aldi, the sass is real”

“Subtly competing with Woolworths. Well played, Aldi!”

“cheaper then spending $30 for 1”

“omg look at Aldi firing some shots”

…some commenters were quick to point out the #facts.

“Trying to compete much. That’s an extra 30 I would have to spend on my groceries. At least I’m already spending the 30 for the few plants I get from woollies”


“Yes but the Woolworths ones are technically free”

One thing is for sure – Bunnings is about to get rushed with people wanting to build little gardens with cinder blocks.


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