Since we’ve been stuck indoors, it’s been nice to see some sunshine when we’ve been on the way to the grocery store or out for exercise. However, that is all about to change… and fast.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted that Melbourne will hit a maximum of just 13 degrees on Thursday and Friday, making these days the coldest on record in April since 1996!

It’s not all we’re going to see over the course of the week. We’ll also cop a load of rain starting from Wednesday which could result in thunderstorms. This will stick around until at least the start of next week.

Oh, and that’s not all. Victoria’s alpine regions are predicting SNOW because of the cool air that will pass through the state. (and no, you cannot take a cheeky trip to the slopes).

It’s always a little lame when it rains, but on the positive side, look how many people will refrain from leaving the house!


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