Christian needs your help! He’s been asked to answer a question for The Herald Sun in just 100 words.

The theme is ‘future Victoria’ and he needs to answer the question ‘What’s your game changing idea for Melbourne and Victoria?’.

So basically, Christian has been asked to share an idea that will help change Melbourne or Victoria, for the better, over the next 5 years. When we think changing for the better, we obviously think of another big thing to add to Australia’s ever growing list of ‘big things’.

Naturally, Christian wanted to see what you had to say, so this morning he asked you what’s the next big thing Victoria needs!

Think the Big Banana in Coffs harbour, the Big Merino in Goulburn or the Big Galah in Kimba. We need something bigger and better than anything else in Australia!

Take a listen to some of the ideas you shared with Christian this morning:


Do you have any other ideas? let us know!

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