Uber has announced some fur-tastic news for pet lovers!

While most public transport options out there don’t allow travellers to bring their furry friends with them on trips, the ridesharing service has today announced that they have launched a new feature that will break the trend on this called Uber Pet.

Uber Pet is a pet-friendly service that will allow users to bring their pet with them on their ride, no matter what animal it is!

“All household pets are accepted on rides, including turtles and hamsters, as well as caged birds and fish in bowls or bags,” said Uber. “Riders can bring more than one animal at the driver’s discretion.”

Of course, if drivers don’t want to have pets in their cars or if they have certain allergies, they can choose to opt out of the Uber Pet function.

To user Uber Pet, it will cost users a surcharge of about $US3-5 and Uber has said that a large portion of this surcharge will go to the driver onto of their normal earnings, according to Pupsy.

The feature has begun a trial in Austin, Denver, Nashville, Minneapolis-St.Paul, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tampa Bay over in the US.


If it’s successful, hopefully Uber Pet will make it’s way Down Under soon!