Dreaming of travelling to the idilic Greek Islands sometime soon? Well don’t go spending heaps of money on it when you could actually get PAID yourself to go!

That’s right, a travel company is actually offering up the opportunity for someone to get paid $915 to go island-hopping around the gorgeous country.

New company Unforgettable Greece is looking for someone who is pretty nifty with Instagram to head out with a plus one of there choice on a nine day trip around the Greek Islands.

Not only will you get paid to travel to some of Greece’s most Instagrammable hotspots, but you’ll also be given a free Samsung S10 smartphone to help you take and post photos from the trip along the way.

The chosen traveller will get to explore the beautiful beaches of Mykonos, sail through Santorini, join a cooking class in Crete and enjoy a private guided tour of Acropolis in Athens.


All accommodation is included and we’re not talking budget places either! This is a Luxury travel company that wants to show off just how lavish a trip to Greece can be!

All you’ll need to do along the way is post tons of gorgeous pictures on their Instagram account. Which TBH, if you were heading to the Greek Islands, you’d probably do this on your own account for free anyway!

To apply, just simply use the hashtag #UnforgettableInstagrammer on your best travel pic!

Entries will close o November 15 with the luxury trip set tot make place in June 2020! Find out more deets here!


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