Victoria’s permit system for those entering the state from South Australia is set to be officially dumped this week.

The news comes following reports that people were entering the state from across the border without any checks taking place upon arrival.

The State Government has confirmed that “spot checks” have been introduced to replace checks on every traveller.

Permits were introduced for those coming from SA upon the emergence of a new cluster of COVID-19 cases in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

People arriving from SA were subject to permit checks as they crossed the border by road or when they arrived at Melbourne Airport by plane.

However, the spread of the virus was quickly quashed, with SA now reporting zero active cases in the state.

Spot checks will continue to be carried out until the permit system is dumped on 12 December.


The lifting of the permit system will mean that Aussies are now free to enter Victoria without permits or quarantine from any Australian state or territory.

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