An online car scam is circulating around Victoria and it has already had multiple people trying to buy a second-hand car that does not exist.

Victoria Police have alerted the public after 8 people fell for the scam, losing thousands of dollars after ‘buying’ the car advertised on a popular website, it was advertised by someone claiming to be a member of the armed forces.

The car is listed at a far cheaper price than usual and “appears to be the perfect bargain,” Detective Senior Sergeant Brendan Pollock said.

Police believe the scammers are operating from overseas and are currently trying to figure out where the funds are going.

People from Knox, Casey, Keilor Downs, Gippsland and Maryborough have fallen for the scam but there may be more victims.

“Unfortunately, we believe this issue, which has seen thousands of dollars fraudulently taken, is not restricted to Victoria,” he said in a statement.

“In this instance, the car is usually listed on a well-known car sales website for a far cheaper than usual price, so appears to be the perfect bargain.”


When the buyers message the seller, they claim to be a member of the armed forces, based in Tasmania and needs to move offshore.

The seller says they will transport the vehicle anywhere in Australia for free and also send a picture of a woman holding a Victorian driver’s licence.

“Another hallmark of this scam sees victims asked to submit payment into an escrow account – sadly as part of our investigations, these funds appear to end up in a bank account in Romania or Poland,” Pollock said.

“More and more people are turning to online shopping when buying a new car and we’re encouraging them to be mindful of the websites they visit.”