Every year aviation insights company FlightStats puts together a list of the international airlines with the best and the worst on-time performance records

FlightStats have shared their annual findings with Traveller, so we can figure out the likelihood of getting delayed on each carrier. Because let’s face it, delays are the absolute worst! 

Here are the results…

The Ten Worst International Airlines Of 2016

10. Hainan Airlines: 30.3 per cent

9. Korean Air : 31.74 per cent

8. Air China: 32.73 per cent


7. Hong Kong Airlines: 33.42 per cent

6. China Eastern Airlines 35.8 per cent

5. Asiana Airlines 37.46 per cent

4. Philippine Airlines 38.33 per cent

3. Air India 38.71 per cent

2. Icelandair 41.05 per cent


1. El Al 56 per cent

The Best 10 International Airlines of 2016

10. Qantas 15.7 per cent

9. TAM Linhas Areas: 14.93 per cent

8. Delta Air Lines: 14.83 per cent

7. Singapore Airlines: 14.55 per cent


6. ANA: 14.46 per cent

5. Austrian: 14.26 per cent

4. Qatar Airways: 13.66 per cent

3. JAL: 12.2 per cent

2. Iberia: 11.82 per cent

1. KLM: 11.47 per cent


Now you know which airlines to steer clear of and which ones to prioritise.

You can thank us later! 

Source: Traveller

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