The airline price wars continue and if you have been holding out for a good fare before jetting off to catch up with friend, the time has come to book your trip.

Regional airline Rex has come to the table with a “never-before-seen” airfare of just $39 between Sydney and Melbourne.

It’s cheaper than the bus and comes with all the perks – refreshments and 23kg of baggage allowance.

On the Today Show, Airline Chairman John Sharp said that whilst Rex don’t expect the money to be rolling in from the deal, customers can still expect “genuine country hospitality.”

“We are trying to get more people to fly with Rex on that Sydney to Melbourne route,” Mr Sharp said.

“You get free food and drink on the flight. You get 23kg of free check in luggage. It is a full-service airline at a record-low price of $39.

“We are the lower cost operator in the marketplace and what we are trying to do here is to transfer some of to that lower cost into lower prices for people who want to travel.”


The airfare will stick around until at least August 28. Sharp says the company will then “reassess” whether the price will stay in place.

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