Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced new measures in Australia’s fight to stop the spread of coronavirus, but has stressed they will keep Australia running.

“Life is changing in Australia, as it is changing all around the world. Life is going to continue to change, as we deal with the global coronavirus.”

The Travel Advice has been upgraded for the entire world, with the Prime Minister stressing that it is important that people don’t travel over the Easter holidays.

“For those who are thinking of going overseas in the school holidays, don’t. Don’t go overseas. The biggest risk we have had and the biggest incidents of cases we have had has been from Australians returning from overseas, from many countries that you wouldn’t have expected that to be a source.”

The government said they are taking action across a broad range of issues and any decisions made could be in effect for up to six months.

This comes after all Virgin Australia flights were grounded until June.

The Prime Minister has also announced that mass gatherings of 100 people or over indoors have now been banned. It is highly recommended that people practise social distancing in everyday life of 1.5 metres.


“That is effective now, as of today and those arrangements, in terms of the legal enforcement of those measures are being put in place by the states and territories.”

Outdoor mass gatherings are still limited to 500 people or more.

The Prime Minister has also confirmed that schools will remain open. He has also urged the public should stop panic buying food and supplies from supermarkets and taking frustrations out on staff members, describing it as ‘un-Australian’.

Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy has also said that a lockdown of society is something that we could not sustain. He says we shouldn’t be anxious, but we should be prepared.

There are now over 450 confirmed cases in Australia with five deaths.






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