7NEWS is reporting that a Melbourne hotel has cancelled a family’s trip because their son has epilepsy.

Max Collins, 11, endures 40-50 seizures a day but battles through it like a little legend.

His family was taking him on a trip to see a specialist in Melbourne, and his dad Mark wanted to turn it into their first family holiday.

“I just wanted to make it an experience for him,” Mark said.

He booked a room at HFN Waterside Melbourne Apartments, and explained to them their family’s situation.

“I just told them a bit about Max, what we were doing and why we were heading over,” he said.

But the next morning, he received an email saying their room had been cancelled.


“For the safety of the guest and due to the risk we cannot bear, we are sorry to inform you that we cannot accommodate you,” it read.

Mark was rightly horrified.

“I just don’t understand, it’s not like we were asking them to look after him for us,” he said.

“We would be with him the whole time.

“It’s not easy at the best of times, let alone when something like this happens.”

The hotel blamed the message on a contractor in China.


“I’ll have to call overseas to find out what’s happening, but that service is not up to our standard,” he said.

“I’ll tell the service company that they have to go through us to respond to anything like that.

According to 7News, the manager said he would like to meet Mark in person and apologise.

“We open our doors to everyone, it’s all welcome,” he said.

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