When you’re going on a trip, sometimes one of the most exciting experiences can simply be finding out what your inflight meal is… and what it will end up tasting like.

Unfortunately for many of us, it’ll be a while until we’re up in the sky again. If you are missing peeling open that plastic container to discover what food is inside, you can now experience it right in your own home!

Gate Gourmet, an in-flight catering company which services Virgin Australia amongst other airlines, is now offering up their frozen meals for as little as $2 a pop!

You can now head to their website and purchase combo packs that include dishes such as omelettes, pad Thai and lasagne.

There are meat and vegetarian packs, just like in-flight, so nobody will miss out on this amazing opportunity.


You won’t be able to pick and choose what food you get, but who doesn’t love a surprise package, hey?

If you want to snap some up, check out the packs here.


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