Police officers in Victoria have started fining drivers and passengers for having three people, not from the same household in their cars.

As part of the new regulations that came into effect this week, no more than 2 people, not from the same household, should be together at any one time and where possible, nobody should interact with anybody outside their household unless they are an essential worker.

With the new guidelines in place, while there is no determined limit in a commercial vehicle, all drivers and passengers should try and remain 1.5m away from their passengers and vice versa.

What that means is, that if you are travelling with someone, not from your house, they should sit in the back seat, diagonal to you at all times and more than one person, other than the driver, can count as a social gathering of more than 2 people.

If you are a carer, it is recommended the passenger sits in the back seat but they can travel with you from another household, as long as it be can proven this is the case.

Ride share operator, Didi has already restricted all its riders to only take journeys with one other person, from your household or from work, if your job is essential. You must also sit in the back seat on all journeys. 

Driving instructors have been told that they can continue to work if they are confident they can maintain social distancing measures, if not, they should not operate.


In the past 24 hours, police conducted 1084 spot checks at homes, businesses and non-essential services.

A total of 13 infringements were issued.