Authorities have confirmed another case of an overseas traveller avoiding hotel quarantine in Sydney.

The man arrived in Victoria from San Francisco, but in a situation similar to one on Saturday, was able to evade quarantine upon his arrival in Australia at Sydney Airport.

The incident occurred in July as Victoria was grappling with a surge in new cases of COVID-19.

He was a passenger on United Airlines UA863 from San Francisco to Sydney before catching a domestic connecting flight to Melbourne.

The Victorian Government has now confirmed that the man was met with by DHHS officers at Melbourne Airport, before being detained and placed in mandatory 14-day quarantine.

However, passengers who flew on the domestic flight from Sydney to Melbourne were notified of the breach at the time.

Health authorities have confirmed that the man tested negative to the virus on days three and 11 of his quarantine stay.


Unlike Saturday’s quarantine mix-up, no explanation has been offered as to how the man was able to slip through Sydney Airport and on to Victoria without completing his mandatory quarantine.

Victoria has promised to raise the question of NSW quarantine control and airport security at the next meeting of the national cabinet.

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