Best mates Will and Woody from our sister station KIIS talk about Will’s depression in the player above.

What Is Mental Health Week?

Mental Health Week is running all this week and I’ll leave it to the organisers to explain exactly what its purpose is:

“Mental Health Week aims to activate, educate and engage Victorians around mental health and related issues through the organisation of a huge variety of events by individuals and organisations across the state.”

And the biggest day of Mental Health Week is today, World Mental Health Day!

This year’s theme is ‘Making Mental Health a Global Priority: Scaling Up Services Through Citizen Advocacy and Action’ and one of the best ways to educate yourself on this vital issue is through the magic of podcasts.

There are some genuinely amazing pods out there that cover off this incredibly important topic and we’ve hand-picked three of our favourite local ones to get stuck into:


Imperfectly Perfect

The Australian ‘Imperfectly Perfect’ campaign is a photographic project trying to help raise mental health awareness. The podcast features Glenn Marsden as he chats to the incredible faces getting behind the campaign as well as doctors, clinical psychologists.

The campaign has heavily featured throughout the press and recently was taken over to the USA with more public figures in support of the message and with plans to go global with the message of awareness.

One Together Podcast with Heather Maltman

The One Together Podcast is about helping you get out of the past, and into your future self, by creating one consciousness together through other people’s experiences.


It’s a weekly reminder to stay connected to the now and ask the questions that can move you forward into your destiny, NOW.

Heather Maltman asks the tough questions with love and connection, so that you have a place to learn and grow. She travels all over the world finding the conversation you need.


Rhyme Reason by Musicians Making A Difference

Rhyme Reason is about that one song that helped you get out of bed in the morning when nothing else could. The one that inspired you to pursue your dream. On Rhyme & Reason, Musicians Making a Difference (MMAD) get up close and personal with artists and musicians, sharing songs and stories that have shaped them into who they are.


MMAD is an Australian charity that works with young people overcoming adversity and exists to create a community centred on music and dance, expression and mentoring, with the goal to break negative cycles and overcome challenges.


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