Penguins are the cutest animal in existence, right?

If not the cutest animal then they’re definitely the cutest flightless birds and we will fight anyone who says otherwise (looking at you, Emu Society).

So for everyone on team penguin, you have to see this picture from Aussie photographer Tobias Baumgaertner.

The photo shows two penguins standing next to each other, one with their flipper around the other while gazing over the Melbourne skyline at night.

According to Baumgaertner, the fairy penguins had both lost their partners, and they just stood there, flipper in flipper for hours.



The photo was taken in 2019, but the photographer just recently posted Part 2 of the image set to his Instagram.

Apparently, after the pair both lost their partners they had been meeting regularly to console each other and OUR HEARTS CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE.

And while fairy penguins don’t mate with the same partner for life, like some other penguin species, they are very social birds and they do grieve.

Our thoughts are with you both, little penguins.