The “health food” section is a scary one for most Aussies – No one likes eating cardboard! (You’ve tried some brands, you know what I mean.)

There’s so many delectable items fighting for our attention, and we often look for ways to eat healthier and cut out unnecessary sugars and fats! (With a lot of will power…)

Let’s look at sauce for a moment, an Aussie staple – We LOVE sauce! But most brands have TONS of sugar… Don’t worry though, there’s a new range that might tickle your fancy!

Before you get dismissive, the creator of Mingle Seasonings Jordyn Evans, is passionate about making health food products that still taste good.

“When people eat healthy food, they expect it to taste great, so we created a sauce that tasted like the big brands but had better health credentials and especially less sugar,” said Evans.

So her new line of sauces aims to please! It includes BBQ Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce and a low-sugar Tomato Sauce, which has up to 400 per cent less sugar than the most commonly consumed varieties. It has less than one gram of sugar per serve.

This sauce fills the product pie chart (excuse the pun) as a more affordable and healthy sauce alternative.


You can pick them up from Woolworths nationwide for RRP $4.95 – You ripper!

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