As a kid, we’re all scared of something. But as time goes by, there are still some fears we all have as adults.

Yesterday, Jack had to face his fears when he took a roast chicken out of the oven, “I should have grown out of mine by now in my thirties”. Jack revealed he still gets very nervous when taking something out of the oven, in fear he will get burnt. And rightly so, it’s pretty hot in there!

Christian shared his fear for cheese graters because every time he’s got to grate something he’s nervous he will grate his thumb.

Jane called up to share her fear of bananas, and confessed she has what’s called ‘bananaphobia’. Basically, Jane can’t stand the look, the texture, the smell or anything to do with a peeled banana. Her fear is so extreme she will “jump like it’s a spider” if there’s one dropped on the floor.

Take a listen to more of your fears below:


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