There is a lot of great life hacks out there, but this one is something you’ll want to try IMMEDIATELY!

Many of us will have a least one ugly, stained plastic container sitting in our cupboard. That delicious spaghetti we once saved certainly left its mark.

However, a clever social media user has revealed the easy trick to removing them – and honestly, how did we not know this before??


This hack has saved so many of my Tupperware friends. Try it!!!! #fyp #cookingvideos #cookinghacks #lifehacks #hacks #stainremover #foryou #foryoupage

♬ original sound – adikempler

TikTok user @adikempler shared that the secret behind it was filling the container with soapy water and adding some paper towel.

Then, you pop the lid back on and shake it fast. In her tutorial, her stained container came out sparkling clean and viewers could not believe their eyes. So much so, the video was viewed over 3.6million times!