We’re not sure about you, but the idea of a house without a dishwasher now for us is just completely ludicrous.

But (and yes, this is probably the biggest ever first-world problem) it is fairly annoying when you open up the dishwasher after it’s done its business and everything is still dripping wet.

Like, are we doing half the work for you now, dishwasher? Drying was never part of the deal. Drying’s the worst part!

One Aussie mum has shared a game-changing life hack to social media that will leave you never having to dry a dish from the dishwasher again!

And it’s so simple.

Known as @theorganisedhousewife on Instagram, the woman shared an one-step instructional video to ensure that you never have to dry dishes.

“Place tea towel over the door and close, this will help absorb any moisture still sitting in dishwasher”, her captions read.


And people were quick to comment on how genius the simple hack is with one commenter going as far to say: “Whaaat..mind blown. My hubby just like to leave it wide open in the middle of the kitchen to dry”.

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