In these times, everyone is looking for a type of hack and this one is super unexpected – especially when it involves the replacement of the legendary Dyson vacuum cleaner. Say it isn’t so! 

In a Facebook group, a Kmart shopper has revealed how she keeps her carpets nice and clean where her Dyson simply could not stand up to the challenge… and it only costs $2!

“I use the rubber broom on my carpets to get rid of dog hair by needed something small and study for the stairs to get in the corners,” wrote the shopper, named Debrah.

“I vacuumed with my Dyson, then rain this small squeegee over the stairs – just two stairs only.

“OMG this Kmart squeegee could achieve more than my $800 vacuum. Dammnnn!”

Many Facebook users applauded the idea, including one who admitted they had a ‘very hairy family.’



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