As coronavirus continues to creep into Australia, many people are taking action when it comes to households supplies. Pasta, rice, canned foods, bottles of water and toilet paper are disappearing off shelves. Some families just can’t take the risk! 

Because of this new ‘trend’, it’s likely more of us will be spending some more cash at the supermarket checkout – and if you shop at Coles, there is a good chance you’ll score a LOT of Stikeez.

Developed after juggernaut which is Coles Minis, Stikeez are small collector’s items designed to teach kids about healthy food. The figurines come in the shape of different vegetables and fruits, and even water.

Every time Coles releases these promotions, they chuck in some ultra-rare colours to keep things interesting. The little plastic items have been known to be worth thousands of dollars, with one ‘golden banana’ once being sold for over $20,000.

This time around, Coles has thrown in 100 Golden Abby Avacados into the mix. If you happen to find one, you’ll win a $100 gift card as well as a SMEG FAB28 fridge, valued at $1,990.

As of the 4th of March, there are still 58 avos yet to be found, with 11 discovered in Victoria. Melbourne locations include Point Cook, Roxburgh Park, Burwood East, Kew, Hillside and Clyde North.

So, if you do decide to stock up on supplies in the next few weeks, make sure to grab your Stikeez on the way out!

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