We know that all Mums are geniuses when it comes to cleaning and another has stepped up to deliver a hack that is sure to save you plenty of time on the weekend. 

Alanna, who lives in Tasmania, shared her simple way of transforming her dirty stovetop using a simple ingredient that is probably sitting in your pantry right now – bicarb soda.

“No scrub method using simple items to clean your glass stovetop,” Alanna said on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group.

“I try not to use commercial cleaning products wherever possible for multiple reasons.”

“This would work well for those with arthritic hands and those in isolation with bicarb on hand!”

And the before-and-after shots speak for themselves. Woah.


The best method is wiping off the bicarb soda the next morning. Plenty of Facebook users were keen to give it a crack – looks like baking won’t be the only reason to grab this ingredient off shelves!